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Blue Oyster Mushroom

Hempin shrooms

cultivating small batch artisanal hemp flower along with gourmet & functional mushrooms


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Cooking with gourmet and functional mushrooms! Take mushrooms from being a side dish to the star of the meal.

Everyday Mushroom Meals

Gourmet & Functional


Our handcrafted  functional mushroom tinctures are made from the fruiting bodies of the mushrooms. We never use mycelium and you will never find any fillers in our tinctures. 

Functional Mushroom TIncture
Mushroom Brew, Mushroom Coffee

Mushroom Brew

A perfect blend of functional mushrooms, raw cacao, and masala chai. This product is for those who want to indulge on the journey to wellness!

Whole flower
Hemp-Derived CBD

There are many different types of hemp, and it can be grown for various reasons. We grow our plants in organic soil blends, along with compost. We make our compost from spent mushroom blocks and organic food scrapes. We strive to make most of our own nutrients and we follow several natural farming practices including KNF, Jadam, and Organic. We also maintain a healthy balance of living soil by utilizing cover crops and mulches.

Hemp Flower

We are excited to announce that our online store for hemp will be launching soon. While we work out the final touches, we appreciate your patience and invite you to contact us directly to purchase any of our hemp products. We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality hemp products available.

- Thank you

markets & events

Come see us at local farmers markets! See what pop - up markets and holiday events we will be attending.

shop local & support small businesses

- Summer Market Saturdays 

May - November

8 am - 12 pm

- Winter Market Saturdays 

December - April

10 am - 1 pm


May - October

4 pm - 7 pm


May 29th - October

4 pm - 8 pm


May - October

7 am - 12 pm

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