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Artisanal Mushroom Salt

Artisanal Mushroom Salt

We looked around the internet and all of the oyster mushroom salts we came across were powdered oyster mushrooms combined with salt. That is not the case for our mushroom salt. 


Our Artisanal Mushroom Salt is made by slow cooking Oyster Mushrooms in a salty brine for a substantial period of time. After the Umami essence of the oysters is infused into this brine broth, we strain and squeeze out the mushrooms and continue to slowly reduce down the Umami brine, until it starts to thicken. We then pour this onto some dehydrator sheets to dehydrate, until all that remains is a hard crystallized salt. This whole process takes over a week, but the result is an amazing, one of a kind, Umami flavored salt that is sure to add a dash of savoriness to any item it touches.


A little can go a long way. A whole lot of love goes into the labor of this product and we hope you enjoy it immensely. Try it on Omelets, Steak, Pork, Chicken, Mushrooms, Soup, Gravy, or Pasta Sauce. The possibilities are endless. 


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